Last October I held my show, Floral Musings, at Thistle Hall Gallery in Wellington. The show was a huge success seeing a record number of my paintings sold and my highest number of gallery visitors. 

For me the highlight was the working in the beautiful floral environment all week. The lovely Ingirid of Scent Floral Boutique provided me with the most stunning floral arrangement. The sweet scent of the jasmine was just devine and visitors commented on how they could smell the scent from outside and it drew them in.


The most popular and talked about works were from my series, 60 Days of Floral Musings. Each A4 painting represented my journey over 60 days where I painted a new work each day in only 30 minutes. The challenge was to free myself up from being so tight in my style and allow my creative expression to flow. The result was a wall full of expressive floral paintings that told a beautiful story of letting go and letting beauty come out.

60 .jpg
Natalie Parker