MEET NATALIE- Painter of joy


Hey! Thanks so much for popping in and checking out my work. I’m Natalie, and I live in Melbourne Australia where I paint full time in my home studio. When people ask me what I paint, I say “I paint JOY!" I get it, it sounds a bit abstract but it fully describes the emotion I want you to feel when you see my work.

Asbtract 7 - 9 Insitu 2.jpg

I’m on a mission to make the world a more joyful, beautiful and colourful place. Everyday when I go into my studio, I pray that I can release the joy inside me onto the canvas and transfer it to my clients. I”m honoured to do so and take not lightly my responsiblity to serve you. I put so much care, thought, heart and soul into each piece I create so that you receive only the best.

Your home should be a place that brings you joy and the right art work certainly has the power to do so. If you connect with any of these pieces and feel a sense of joy as you look at them, then I have achieved my goal.

Natalie xx

Painter of joy

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