How I Failed My Way To Success

Being an Artist is not all rainbows and unicorns, although I totally wish it was! It’s hard, challenging, embarrassing at times and sometimes just plain soul destroying. But it is also the most rewarding career I have ever had, the one where I feel most like me and the most fulfilling.

But getting here to the position of being a full time Artist has not been easy. I have failed many times and continue to do so pretty much on a daily basis. But what these perceived ‘failures’ have taught me are valuable life lessons. I’ve learnt to be resilient, I’ve learnt to ‘figure things out’, I’ve learnt how to market to the right audience and I’ve learnt to trust the process.

In this video I share my personal journey with you on the various failures I’ve experienced in my journey to being a full time Artist. Such as failing High School Art! A very raw experience, but one that put me at a crossroads and made me decide whether to take the easy path or the hard path.

I hope this video encourages you. It is my heart to share with you my challenges and lessons learned so that you too will be encouraged to pursue your passion and live a fulfilling life.

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